Everyday we have more to do, more to manage and more people to communicate with to check things off our "to-do" list. 

LUCY is a new and exciting mobile technology app that connects residents (renters/owners/office tenants) and property managers anywhere, anytime, 24/7. 

We developed LUCY because we understand that we have become a more "mobile" community and that communication is at the heart of what makes everyone feel better about where they live and work.

LUCY is here to give more flexibility, accessibility and better communication options to the renters, owners and property managers that live and work in the community.

Using LUCY will change the way residents and property managers communicate today, ultimately building better living and working communities

Come and Let Us Connect You....to a new way of community living and working


  • Investing in a mobile technology platform can help residents on the go

  • Property managers centralize resident information and better organize tasks


  • Residents can submit service requests anytime, anywhere

  • Property managers having a mobile tablet can assist their residents even after hours


  • Property managers have complete access to their properties anytime, anywhere

  • LUCY uses "cloud" technology so all resident/tenant and office information is secure. No data servers or off-site data center storage


  • More affordable than the competition with no hidden or complicated fee structures to navigate

  • Your building pays a simple one time set up fee and then a monthly usage charge

  • The best part...it's free for all residents using the app